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Application of Modified Starch in Radish Cake

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Application of GF 172 in Radish Cake
I. Modified Starch for Radish Cake
Product model: GF 172
Product standard: GB29931-2013
General Name: Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate
Usage and dosage: Mix with other powder ingredients, add appropriate amount according to production needs. The recommended dosage is 30%-50% of the total powder.
Product characteristics: 1. The product has strong water absorption; good viscoelasticity, giving the product good toughness; 2. The product has moderate viscosity, providing a smooth taste and appropriate softness and hardness; 3. The product has good heat resistance, maintaining the perfect appearance and fine and uniform internal structure of the product; 4. The product has good water retention and good internal and external structure and taste after repeated freezing and thawing. 5. After thawing, slices do not stick to knives and have good stiffness. They can be fried or boiled.
2. Recommended formula of radish cake:
3. Recommended technology of radish cake:
1. Mix glutinous rice flour with GF172 evenly.
2. Take out the right amount of mixed powder and mix it with water to form 8% starch milk.
3. Fresh radish (shredded), stir-fry in a pot, add salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, boil in an open pot until thoroughly cooked and collect water.
4. Add the blended starch milk into the shredded radish after water harvesting, continue to heat, tick, turn off the fire to cool down, add shrimp (cleaning, draining), peanuts (soaking, draining), bacon (cleaning, dicing); when the temperature drops to 60-65 C, slowly add the remaining dry powder while stirring, and fully mix into the pulp.
5. Divide into moulds, 500 g/piece (about 3 cm thick), shock exhaust, stand and steam in cabinet for 30-40 minutes.
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