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Special flour for rice cake

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This product is made from corn starch by compound modification. It is suitable for the production and processing of rice cake. Product characteristics: paste with good gloss, high stability, high viscosity, obvious thickening effect, strong anti-aging effect, prolong the shelf life of products. Mixed rice cake with sticky rice flour, sugar powder and other ingredients is prepared. After steaming, it forms a rice cake with soft texture, fine fermentation stomata, non-sticky texture and delicious taste.

Recommended technology of rice cake:
1. Mix the powder directly with appropriate amount of water and stir evenly.
2. Cover and seal, and ferment at 30-40 C (normal temperature in summer and autumn);
3. After fermentation, add white sugar (brown sugar, appropriate juice) and stir evenly.
4. Pour into the mould and steam in high heat.
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