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Special flour for cassava bread

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Sesame potato bread, also known as Korean bread, has elastic taste and strong chewing feeling. Sesame potato bread is made of sesame potato bread powder mixed with eggs, butter, black sesame, water and other ingredients. It is easy to operate and easy to make. The ready-mixed powder of cassava bread is made up of modified starch, sugar powder and other ingredients. It can be prepared into different flavors according to needs. Potato bread has the following characteristics: no fermentation, simple operation; rich and changeable taste; good frost resistance; soft and springy taste.
Special flour for potato bread product characteristics: strong water absorption; good viscoelasticity, giving the product a good Q and larger volume; to maintain the perfect appearance and fine internal structure of the product. It forms a delicate and elastic taste of cassava bread, enhances chewiness and baking characteristics, makes bread easy to expand by heat, and improves the quality of bread.

Recommended process:
1. Mix sesame bread flour, high gluten flour, whole milk powder and other flour evenly; mix butter with eggs and water evenly, mix powder and water evenly, add sesame after mixing evenly, knead the dough until the dough surface is smooth.
2. After the dough is relaxed, it is divided into 20 g/pieces and rounded and placed on a baking tray covered with oilpaper.
3. Baking: heat up and down 190 degrees Celsius, bake until dough expands, and micro-golden can be.

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