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Special Powder for Changbao Cake

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Special Powder for Changbao Cake
Cakes with long shelf life require high anti-aging property, which is easy to dehydrate and harden during long-term preservation, affecting the quality of products. Adding modified starch to the cake can enhance the water retention and prolong the shelf life of the cake.
Because of the high content of amylose in wheat starch in flour, amylose is easy to re-aggregate and connect with each other in the long-term storage process, resulting in dehydration and hardening, affecting product quality. Inadequate water retention of starch is the main reason for cake aging. Due to the introduction of strong hydrophilic groups into modified starch, adding appropriate amount of modified starch can improve this situation, greatly improve the water retention of cake and prolong its shelf life.
Characteristic of Changbao Cake Powder: strong water absorption; good viscoelasticity, giving the product a certain degree of elasticity, providing porous structure; high water absorption, improving the weight of the product, good water holding capacity, can make the product maintain a soft taste.
Recommended process
1. Pretreatment:
Powder: low gluten flour, special flour for Changbao cake, skimmed milk powder, citric acid, glyceride monostearate, etc.
Water: glycerol, propylene glycol, water mixture;
2. Production of cake paste: eggs and sugar powder mixed whipping, sifted into the mixed powder whipping smoothly, then add water to whip evenly, finally add oil to whip evenly, cake paste production completed.
3. Baking: heat 170 and 150 to the surface color.
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