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Snow-skinned mooncake skin special powder

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This product is made from corn starch, which is specially modified starch for snow-white skin of moon cakes. It forms a delicate and white texture of snow-white skin of moon cakes.
The paste has good transparency, high viscosity, stable cold and heat viscosity, strong hydrophilicity, no aging, no water precipitation, effectively prolonging the fresh-keeping period, helping to improve the flexibility of the cake skin and prevent cracking on the surface of the cake skin.
The dosage is about 100% of the flour.
Recommended process:
1. White oil and sugar, water bath melting and stirring uniformly;
2. Snow-white moon cake skin special flour + low gluten flour, mix well;
3. Harmonize the noodles and wake up.
4. The weight of stuffing and cake is 50 grams.
5. The oven is baked at 170 degrees Celsius.
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